Employment Opportunities Overview

The League Education and Treatment Center (LETC) offers a supportive work environment, supervision, and a comprehensive benefits package.


Eligible employees of The League Education and Treatment Center (LETC) receive a comprehensive employee benefits package. 

Unless otherwise indicated, the items listed below are available to all benefits eligible employees. Below is a brief summary of the benefits LETC offers, and does not replace the plan documents, which contain all the rules and descriptions of these benefits.

  • Medical and Dental Insurance

    Medical and Dental insurance will begin 90 days after first date of full-time hire. Coverage is provided by Cigna.

    Medical Insurance

    There are two options for medical coverage: CORE and BUY UP plan.

    Each plan offers:

    • Primary Care
    • Preventive Care
    • Specialists Visits with no referral required
    • Chiropractic visits
    • Prescription Drug coverage
      • Pharmacy (30 day supply)
      • Mail Order (90 day supply)
    • Urgent Care
    • Emergency Room
    • Inpatient Hospitalization
    • Outpatient Surgery

    Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance benefits include:

    • a calendar year of $1,500 maximum benefit and deductibles for in-network and out-of-network coverage, at $50 for a maximum of 3 family members.
    • All preventive dental deductibles are waived annually
    • Services include:
      • Preventive: cleanings, oral exams and x-rays
      • Basic: fillings, extractions and root canals
      • Major: crowns, bridges and inlays
    • There is no waiting period for benefits for any dental services.
  • Vision Care

    LETC offers vision care through Cigna. Vision care is a complimentary benefit — there is no cost to employees or their eligible dependents. The annual benefit includes:

    • A free comprehensive eye exam
    • Exams have a $10 co-pay
    • Materials in-network are given a $100 allowance

    Complete the form below to send a claim to LETC human resources. Or you may download the pdf, fill out a hard copy, and send it through the mail.

  • Life Insurance

    Employees receive life insurance coverage equal to one time their annual salary (-$5,000) while employed with the League.

    Coverage is provided through the Guardian Life Insurance Company at no cost to employees. Coverage begins 90 days after employment. Employees also have the option to purchase additional coverage under voluntary life.

    Voluntary Life Insurance

    A Supplemental Life Insurance plan is available through the Guardian Life Insurance Company. Under the plan, an employee may purchase additional multiples of their annual salary to a maximum of $500,000. This can be done through payroll deductions. Coverage begins 90 days after employment.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    We offer our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) because we recognize that work-life balance means different things for different people.

    The EAP is offered through Guardian Life Insurance Company. The program affords all eligible employees the opportunity to obtain assistance in virtually any personal, professional, social, medical, or other area of one’s life, and provides an enormous array of resources and information, covering virtually every aspect of life. Phone counseling is also available for some types of assistance. Should additional services be necessary, the EAP can refer you to professionals in the field that you need, at in-plan or discounted rates. All assistance is confidential; LETC does not receive, and is not entitled to receive, any information regarding who contacts the EAP or why.

    To connect to a counselor for free support services, call 1-800-386-7055. You may also visit the IBH Work Life website for more information.

    Download more information about the Employee Assistance Program (PDF).

  • Disability Insurance

    Disability insurance is provided by Guardian.

    Short-term Disability Insurance

    This coverage provides income protection for up to 26 weeks. The benefit amount is 66.7% of pay, up to a maximum gross of $400 weekly, with a 7-day waiting period.

    Long-term Disability Insurance

    After 26 weeks of short-term disability insurance benefits have been exhausted, full-time employees may be eligible for long-term disability benefits. Long-term disability insurance provide up to 60% of your base salary or up to a $10,000 monthly benefit at the time of the salaried employee’s disability.

  • Retirement Plan

    LETC offers its employees an opportunity to improve their financial security with an optional retirement plan offered by Mutual of America.

    A retirement plan allows you to invest now for financial security when you retire. Contributions are easy to make through your regular payroll deductions, and you can start at a minimum of $10 or 1% of your annual salary. A benefit of this plan is that contributions can reduce current taxable income; Contributions and your investment gains are not taxed until distributed at retirement age.

  • Pension Plan

    LETC offers a pension plan for employees that have worked 1,000 hours within one full year of employment.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

    This program provides employees with a pre tax-advantaged way to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered under other health plans. The program is administered by P&A Group and offers Healthcare FSA with a maximum pre-tax contribution of up to $2,650 and Dependent Care FSA with a maximum pre-tax contribution of up to $5,000. Parking and Transit plans at $260 a month. It is available at date of hire.

  • Gym Membership and Gym Reimbursement

    It pays to stay healthy! LETC employees will save when they join any Crunch Gym. There is no enrollment cost or processing fee to join. Please see the promotional flyer for more details.

    Benefits eligible employees can receive up to $200 in a gym reimbursement after 50 visits at a gym within a six month period for a maximum of up to $400 per calendar year.

  • Tuition Reimbursement

    This benefit provides full-time employees with financial assistance for their continuing education.

    Eligible employees may be reimbursed for tuition expenses up to $500 per class, a minimum of 2 classes per semester for a maximum reimbursement of $2,000 per calendar year. In order to qualify for reimbursement, the course or program taken by eligible employees must be given at an accredited institution and be either job related or be a course required for the completion of an approved degree or certification program. Full-time employees are eligible to participate in this program after completing one year of employment.

  • Pre-employment Services

    Some pre-employment requirements include providing medical clearance in order to begin work.

    LETC understands that you might not have medical coverage at the time you start employment and it can be difficult to find a provider you can afford. Please see information provided below where you can get medical services. Some locations offer free services, while others provide services on a sliding scale based on your current income to determine eligibility.


    The Brooklyn Free Clinic 450 Clarkson Avenue, Apt. 3A Brooklyn, NY 11203 Appointments only on Wednesdays from 5–7pm (347) 920-8379

    North Cumberland Medical Center Appointments are made through this facility to have patients seen at Woodhull hospital. (718) 388-5889 Visits are based on income; services provided may be free or on a sliding scale.


    West 17th Street Family Health Center 230 West 17th Street, between 7th & 8th Avenue New York, NY 10003 >(844) 434-2778 Monday–Friday: 8am–6:30pm Saturday & Sunday: 8am–4:30pm (walk-ins accepted) Visits are based on income; services provided may be free or on a sliding scale


    Walton Family Health Center 1894 Walton Avenue Bronx, NY 10453 (718) 583-3060 Visits are based on income; services provided may be free or on a sliding scale.


    Community Health Care Network 36-11 21st Street Long Island City, NY 11106 (718) 482-7772 Monday–Thursday: 8am–8pm Friday: 8am–5pm Saturday: 9am–5pm Visits are based on income; services provided may be free or on a sliding scale.

  • Verizon Wireless Discount

    Employees can receive a 17% discount for cellular plans through Verizon. You must present our special flyer and your LETC employee ID to receive this discount. Please contact Human Resources for more information.

  • Plum Benefits

    LETC employees have access to hundreds of special offers on entertainment through Plum Benefits. Plum Benefits offers exclusive discounts of up to 50% off tickets and up to 60% off hotels, with access to preferred seating and special offers for top shows, attractions, theme parks, sporting events, movie tickets, hotels, and more.

  • Employee Referral Program

    LETC has established an Employee Referral Award Program to reward current employees who assist in identifying and referring qualified external candidates for difficult-to-fill positions. A referral award will be paid to employees whose referrals are hired for those positions. Directors, HR personnel, and supervisors are not eligible to participate in program. The referral award is $1,000.00 and is payable to employees as follows:

    • $250.00 after successfully completing the initial Introduction Period (6 months)
    • $250.00 after 3 months following the completion of the referred candidate’s introduction period (if referral is still employed)
    • $500.00 after 1 year following the start date of the referred candidate (if referral is still employed)
  • Holidays

    LETC provides 19 paid holidays per year. Please see our calendar for a schedule of holidays.

LETC Health Insurance Benefits Assistance

Our benefits administration is handled by Exude. Exude assists LETC employees with any issues regarding their health coverage. 

If you’re an LETC employee and you have questions or concerns about your coverage, you can contact Monica Albanese, our client care specialist at Exude by calling (215) 825-3574 or by emailing malbanese@exudeinc.com. Monica or an Exude representative will respond to your inquiry within 3 business days.

League School Careers

The renowned educator and psychologist Carl Fenichel founded LETC over 60 years ago. Today, our schools include JFTN Preschool and League School (K–12). LETC is widely acknowledged as a leader in special education and mental health.

Our classroom positions offer small classroom ratios with guidance from a New York state certified special education teacher. Staff collaborate with a team of experts across many disciplines, including psychiatrists, psychologists, art and music therapists, and speech pathologists.

We trust our staff's skills and instincts. When you join our team of professionals, you'll have the freedom to apply your knowledge in ways that support each student on an individualized basis.

Equal Opportunity

LETC is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. 

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