Many of the children who come to JFTN preschool have speech or language delays. These children may be unable to make simple requests and struggle to express their feelings. Children who are unable to understand their peers have trouble participating in play activities, which is a crucial aspect of early childhood development. Their communication disorders may isolate them from their families and peers and, without intervention, may lead to behavioral problems. 

At JFTN, our speech and language therapists identify and treat communication disorders through a wide range of intervention techniques, including: 

Our speech clinicians also offer a wide range of services to children’s families. Clinicians lead parent workshops, conduct regular home visits and encourage parents to attend children’s speech therapy sessions. Clinicians also provide communications support materials and work with fellow professionals in the community by attending children’s medical appointments.

We believe that children with disabilities have a basic right to shape and influence their world through communication.
— Carla Meadows, JFTN Speech/Language Supervisor

By addressing the specific needs of each child, our speech and language interventions reunite children with their families and peers. Children graduate from JFTN prepared to succeed in school, at home and in the community.

For more information on our speech and language therapeutic services, contact JFTN Admissions.