Each child at JFTN has a treatment coordinator. Your child’s treatment coordinator will be a psychologist or social worker. Your treatment coordinator will be your primary contact at JFTN.

The Treatment Coordinator's Role

Treatment coordinators develop your child’s comprehensive treatment plan. They’ll work with your child’s teachers to ensure that your child's therapeutic needs are being met in the classroom.

Treatment coordinators will share helpful resources with you. They may lead parent groups to share effective parenting techniques, and they’ll help you introduce mental health strategies at home.

Your treatment coordinator is an advocate for your family. They’ll help you get the services you need at our school and beyond. They’ll provide referrals for clinical services, and they may also help you with social security, scheduling medical appointments and understanding your child’s test results.

During your child’s final year at our school, your treatment coordinator will guide you through the “aging out” process. They’ll help you assess kindergarten programs and find the best school available for your child.

Behavior Specialists

Several of our treatment coordinators are also behavior support specialists. We have one preventive behavior specialist and several dedicated to supportive intervention.

Preventive support specialists work with children and teachers to manage behaviors that interfere with children’s learning and socialization. They observe children to understand what triggers behaviors and then introduce preventative therapeutic strategies. They also teach and reinforce coping skills and provide incentives for positive behavior. 

Other behavior specialists play a supportive role in deescalating difficult moments. They ensure everyone’s safety and help children regain self-control so they can rejoin their class. Behavior specialists help our treatment team develop individual behavior intervention plans. As members of our treatment coordinator team, they’re ready to meet with you to help improve your child’s behavior at home as well as at school.

Working With Your Treatment Coordinator

Treatment coordinators regularly review children’s goals and progress. We ask that you meet with your treatment coordinator at least once a month. These meetings give you insight into your child’s progress, and they help us understand how your child is doing at home.

Working with your child's treatment coordinator is one of the best ways to support your child's learning and development.

Contacting Your Treatment Coordinator

If you have questions, please contact your treatment coordinator. No matter the nature of your question, your treatment coordinator should be the first person you contact. They’ll answer your questions and help coordinate meetings with teachers and other staff.

Meet Our Treatment Coordinators


Adaora Achufusi, LMSW, MA

Treatment Coordinator & Behavioral Specialist
718.643.5300 ext 346

Adaora joined JFTN in March 2019 with dual master’s degrees in Social Work and Child Development from NYU and Sarah Lawrence College. She has a wealth of experience working with children ages 0 to 5 and their families in schools, clinics, and community-based settings across NYC. Adaora is committed to helping young children express and cope with their big feelings, and strengthen their relationships with the important grownups in their lives. At JFTN, she provides play therapy, behavioral support, and social skills groups in the classroom.

Nora Bearman.JPG

Nora Bearman, LMSW

Nora Bearman
718.643.5300 ext 318

Nora joined JFTN in 2018 after completing a master’s degree in Social Work at Columbia University. Nora leads social skills groups in the classroom and was trained in Jenn and Julia’s Superhero curriculum. She provides play therapy to children and works directly with families to coordinate treatment between home and school. Nora is passionate about working with children and their families to increase social emotional skills, communication, attunement, and to strengthen relationships.


Jennifer Johnson, LCSW, RPT-S

Clinical Director
(718) 643-5300 ext.243

Jenn joined JFTN in 2008 after completing a master’s degree in Social Work at Columbia University. She is working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist and attends the annual International Association for Play Therapy conference. Jenn and Julia have developed the Superhero Social Skills program used in JFTN classrooms. They have also worked together to develop Child Parent Relationship Therapy groups for our parents. Jenn has been central to bringing Conscious Disciplineprinciples to our school. Her favorite cartoon character is Wish Bear.


Julia Jacobson, LCSW, M.S.Ed.

Behavioral Support Supervisor and Clinical/Educational Coordinator
(718) 643-5300 ext.306

Julia joined JFTN in 2012 after completing a dual masters degree in Early Childhood General and Special Education and Social Work at Bank Street College and Columbia University. Julia is working towards becoming a Registered Play Therapist and attends the annual International Association for Play Therapy conference. She also leads a social skills group and has been central to bringing Conscious Disciplineprinciples to our school. Julia and Jenn have co-led Child Parent Relationship Therapy groups for our parents and worked together to develop the superhero social skills program used in some classes. Julia’s favorite superhero is Captain America because he teaches us that you can be both scared and brave.


Kelly Mendonça, PsyD

Treatment Coordinator
(718) 643-5300 ext.230

Kelly joined JFTN in March 2014 after earning her doctorate in School and Clinical Psychology from Yeshiva University. She conducts assessments as part of the CPSE evaluation process and leads social skills groups in the classroom in addition to working with children and families individually.


Micaela Wire, PhD

Treatment Coordinator & Behavioral Specialist
(718) 643-5300 ext.312

Micaela joined JFTN in 2015 after receiving her PhD from Fordham University’s School Psychology graduate program. She received her master’s in Education from Fordham, specializing in therapeutic interventions. Micaela has worked with preschool, elementary and middle school students throughout New York City. She has extensive training in a variety of therapeutic techniques. At JFTN, she’s a play therapist and social skills group therapist. She also conducts psychological assessments as part of the CPSE evaluation process. Micaela is passionate about helping children reach their full potential, while increasing their independence in and outside of the classroom.


Paula Dorinson, PhD


Caity Stetner, LMSW

718.643.5300 ext 323

Caity joined JFTN as a treatment coordinator and behavioral support specialist in August 2018. She received her master’s in social work in 2017 from New York University where she studied clinical practice with children and families. Caity has previous experience in a number of social service settings including mental health organizations, transitional housing, public schools and nontraditional school settings. Caity is passionate about supporting families in discovering their own resilience through life’s many challenges. Her favorite book is The Invisible String by Patrice Karst because it reminds us that we are all connected.