Our parent group has been a vital part of the JFTN program since 1994. The group is held on Monday mornings from 10:30 to 12. Each meeting addresses a topic in early childhood development or education. These meetings are led by Clinical Director Dr. Peter Piegari. They are open to current and former parents of children enrolled at JFTN.

  Peter Piegari , PsyD Clinical Director 

Peter Piegari, PsyD
Clinical Director 

As JFTN preschool serves children of all abilities, meeting topics offer helpful information for caregivers of developmentally delayed children as well as those with typically developed children. These meetings are a core aspect of the family services provided by our preschool program, and we ask that all parents attend. 

These meetings offer many resources for parents, and they're a chance for participants to share their parenting experiences with each other and discuss their personal parenting challenges and successes.

Past Parent Group Topics

Understand your child's strengths & weaknesses

  • Keeping your child safe and developing their safety awareness, judgement and impulse control
  • Engaging your child with activities at their level to maximize attention, relatedness and learning
  • Reducing frustration and learning to challenge your child without overwhelming them
  • Having fun with your child: Replicating activities used by therapists at home to encourage learning 

Help your child become more independent

  • Beginning and improve toilet training
  • Encouraging your child to dress themselves
  • Encouraging positive behavior during family outings

Manage challenging behaviors in a safe, positive manner

  • Predicting situations your child finds challenging and preparing for difficult moments. 
  • Avoiding counterproductive techniques like hitting, yelling and punishing. Preserve your relationship as well as your child’s mood and self-esteem. 
  • Nurturing your child’s self-control and independence

Keep your child healthy

  • Improving diet: Learn about nutrition & expanding food choices
  • The importance of a good night’s sleep
  • Accessing quality medical and dental care
  • Evaluating medical and nutritional treatments for effectiveness and safety.

Learn how to advocate for your child

  • Know the facts about your child’s legal rights
  • How to obtain the appropriate school and services for your child
  • Learn about additional social services that can benefit the entire family

Featured Parent Group Topics