Literacy Program

Our Literacy Program encourages a love of learning through books, stories and sounds. Children visit our literacy room several times a week. Our literacy teacher, Jeanette Brown, develops creative lessons using traditional means like books and puzzles, as well as new technologies like smart boards. 

Jeanette Brown, JFTN Literacy Teacher

Jeanette Brown, JFTN Literacy Teacher

Our small classroom sizes let me tailor literacy lessons to children’s individual needs.
— Jeanette Brown

Current research shows that the more exposure kids have to rich language experiences in early childhood, the better their academic performance  will be when they enter school. Reading to children from birth through preschool is a great way to increase the sheer number of words children hear, thereby closing the "achievement gap" among economically disadvantaged children. 

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We're now extending the reach of our Literacy Program by delivering literacy tips to parents through our e-newsletter. Studies show that children whose parents receive literacy tips through mobile technologies perform better in school. The Literacy Program's ability to reach children in so many ways at school and at home has made it a cornerstone of our academic curriculum. 

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