JFTN Busing & Transportation

Fortuna Bus Company provides transportation services for our school. 

There are usually 5 to 15 children children on each bus, and some buses may stop at JFTN as well as other schools. 

Please note that it can take a week or two for the bus company to optimize the routes and travel time for each bus. If you continue to see inconsistency or delays with pick up or drop off after the first few weeks of school, please call the bus company (see below). If issues persist, call us at (718) 643-5300. We'll help you and the bus company to reach a resolution.

Fortuna Bus Company Policies & Contact Info

Bus Pick Up Authorization

Fortuna Bus Company will not release your child to anyone that you haven't authorized for pick up. If the list of people you want to authorize changes, please complete this authorization form as soon as possible.

Absence Policy

If your child is absent, Fortuna Bus Company will assume your child will be out of school until you contact them to let them know that your child is ready to return to school.

This means that if, for example, your child is ill and has to stay home on a Friday, the bus will not pick up them up on Monday unless you have called them to let them know that your child is ready to return to school.

Contact Fortuna Bus Company

Phone Numbers
(718) 437-2128
(718) 871-9698
(718) 484-7668

1329 36th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Faina Shnayder

Pick Up & Drop Off

Please be ready for the bus at the scheduled pick up and drop off times. Fortuna Bus Company will wait 3 minutes for an authorized adult to put the child on bus in the morning or to meet them for pickup in the afternoon.

During orientation, parents and guardians identify who is authorized to meet their child at the bus for pickup. If you need to update the list of authorized adults, contact us to submit a new authorization form.

Transportation Emergencies

If there is a transportation-related emergency, call 911.

You can reach our school's message system at any time by calling (718) 643-5300. Our school hours are 8:45am to 2:15pm. Messages received after school hours will be relayed to school directors, and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Office of Pupil Transportation (OPT)

For more transportation information, visit OPT's website or call them at (718) 482-3800. OPT may help you if you have any ongoing challenges with your child's transportation services.

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