Attendance & Visitation Policies

Our preschool offers some of the best and most extensive preschool services available. We hope you'll make the most of these services by sending your child to school every day. 

Research shows that children who go to school regularly show the most developmental and educational growth. By attending preschool each day, your child has a much better chance to succeed in school in the years to come. 

School Hours

Our school day begins at 8:45am and ends at 2:15pm. It can be confusing for your child and their classmates if children come to school and leave at different times, so please be sure your child attends for the full school day.

Unless your child is in our daycare program, they'll take the bus to and from school most days. If there are days that you need to drop off or pick up your child yourself, you'll need to sign in or out at our 3rd floor reception desk.

If have to bring your child to school late, please be sure to arrive no later than 9:45am. If you need to pick your child up from school early for any reason, please do so no earlier than 1:45pm

School Calendar

Our school follows the NYC Department of Education's holidays and vacation schedule. If the DOE schedules a holiday break or announces a school closure, this applies to our school as well. 

Even though we do follow the DOE's calendar, please refer to our school calendar. Our online calendar gives you information on holidays and breaks as well as upcoming special events. You'll find information on upcoming parent group topics, parent teacher conferences and more. 

Please plan your child's appointments and family vacations around the holidays and breaks found on our calendar

Attendance Procedures

We're required by New York State law to record attendance every day and to document the reasons for children's absence. 

If your child is absent, one of our school's attendance officers will call you. They'll call each day your child is absent to document why your child wasn't in school that day. 

If you know your child will be absent from school, you can report their absence using the online attendance form below. If you use our online form, our attendance officers will not need to call you.

Doctor's Notes

A note signed by a doctor is required if:

  • Your child will be absent at the beginning of the school year (August or September) or the end of the school year (June or July)

  • Your child is absent for an illness considered "infectious" by the NYC DOH

  • Your child returns to school after a hospitalization

Reasons for Absence ("Legal Absences")

The New York State Commissioner of Education identifies the following as "legal excuses" for student absences:

  • Child illness or hospitalization (up to 20 days)

  • Illness in the family that prevents the physical preparation of the student when there is not other person living in the student's home who is capable of assuming the duties of the person who is ill (up to 2 days)

  • Death in the immediate family (up to 5 consecutive days)

  • Religious observance

  • Unusually severe weather

  • Stoppage of transportation outside the control of the student's caregiver

  • Failure of the Department of Transportation to commence transportation services (6th day following the approved authorization date to attend)

Family Vacations & Summer Program

A family vacation is not a "legal excuse" for an absence. A child who has an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) that indicates a 12 month program is entitled to attend a 30 day summer session. If your child attends the summer program, you must send the child for the full session.

Extended or Unexplained Absences (RD/NA Procedure)

An RD/NA Form is a Request for Determination Regarding Student Status/Notification of Student Absence.

RD/NA Forms are written by a treatment coordinator and are sent to you and the NYC DOE CSPSE Region if:

  • Our attendance officers are unable to contact you regarding your child's absence, or

  • Your child is absent for 5 consecutive days, or

  • The reason for your child's absence is not consistent with those considered "legal absences" by the NYC DOE.

The RD/NA form is a letter requesting that you contact us immediately to discuss the reason for your child's absence. Your child's treatment coordinator will help you get any social, medical or psychiatric services that might help your child return to school as soon as possible. 

If your child is absent for 20 consecutive days for reasons unexplained or not considered to be "legal absences", the NYC Department of Education may automatically discharge your child from our preschool program.

If your child is absent for an extended period due to illness, "legal" reasons, or due to extenuating circumstances that are "reasonable" but do not fall within the definition of "legal absence", your treatment coordinator will work with CPSE administrators to try to retain placement for your child. However, it is ultimately up to the CPSE administrator whether a child is permitted to remain enrolled beyond the 20 day period. Unless the CPSE administrator instructs us otherwise, your child's enrollment will be terminated after the 20th consecutive day of absence. We have no control over these regulations and cannot make exceptions.

Please talk with your child's treatment coordinator if your child is ill or is otherwise unable to attend school.

Visiting Your Child at School

We encourage you to visit your child's class and clinical sessions during school hours. In fact, we ask that every parent and guardian meet with their child's clinicians and teachers once a month.

Siblings can also visit. However, if the purpose of a sibling's visit is to improve sibling relations, please talk with your child's treatment coordinator first. Your treatment coordinator will help structure the family visit to ensure everyone benefits from the time together.

When you visit your child at school, please follow the classroom routine, and try to avoid disturbing classroom activities. If a parent's visit disturbs the child or others in the class, they may be asked to leave.

There are many ways for you to be involved with your child at our school. If you'd like to meet with any of our school staff during your visit, such as school directors or treatment coordinators, please make an appointment with us.

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