Creative Arts Therapy

The body says what words cannot.
— Martha Graham

The Joan Fenichel Therapeutic Nursery (JFTN) prepares children for academic and social success. That goal is at the heart of our Creative Arts Therapy program. Our art and dance/movement therapists work with teachers and clinicians to tailor art experiences to each child's needs. These projects encourage healthy social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. 

Like speech-language therapy, art therapy enhances communication skills. However, creative art therapy also adds a strong socialization benefit. Speech-language therapy, for example, is typically a one-on-one session. But creative arts therapy is often about social engagement, cooperation, positive self-expression and understanding physical boundaries. Creative arts therapy brings an important balance to the school day.

Parents get to participate in creative arts therapy activities as well. At special events, like Multicultural Day and Sibling Day, families collaborate on art projects. These are opportunities for parents and children to discover new ways to communicate with each other.

The Creative Arts Therapy department is also an important bridge to the community. Most recently, our partners at TD Bank have presented projects by JFTN students. We also partner with top tier schools like Pratt Institute, NYU and The School of Visual Arts to develop special projects. Interns from these schools work with children under the supervision of our full time therapists. Through these partnerships, JFTN helps ensure future generations will receive top quality therapeutic care in New York City.

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The Art of Parenting

Each Friday morning our creative arts therapists welcome parents to our Art of Parenting Group.  Parents and their children team up to work on art projects and take part in dance/movement exercises. Our therapists and interns guide sessions and encourage further exploration at home. These meetings are a lot of fun, and they give families a chance to connect with each other in new ways. We provide all the materials for each session. Parents and kids use everything from paper and pencil to homemade play-doh and photos for collages. Children lead the way, and parents get a chance to relate to their child through non-verbal communication.  

Meet Our Creative Arts Therapy Team

Kimberly Bush , ATR-BC, LCAT Creative Arts Therapy Director

Kimberly Bush, ATR-BC, LCAT
Creative Arts Therapy Director

Nicole Innis , MPS, CAT Limited Permit Art Therapist

Nicole Innis, MPS, CAT Limited Permit
Art Therapist

Renee Ortega , BC-DMT, LCAT Dance/Movement Therapist

Renee Ortega, BC-DMT, LCAT
Dance/Movement Therapist