Call to Action: Together We Can Budget for a Better Tomorrow

This week marks an important, final opportunity to influence the state budget. Committees are meeting to allocate funds, and we're asking everyone to act now to influence decisions that will affect thousands of lives.

A Crucial Moment for Individuals with Disabilities and Their Caregivers

Even though there is a surplus of over $7 billion from bank settlements, and both Houses have identified an additional $300 million in revenue, neither House has recommended any increase in funding for people with developmental disabilities. Nor have they recommended any increase for our 4410 preschools, and while the Assembly has recommended a 2.4% increase for our 853 school age programs, this is insufficient considering their financial condition.

The Legislature Can and Should Do Better

Families cannot be caregivers forever, and special education services must be saved!

Additional funding is critically needed to provide new day and residential supports and services to meet the needs of those who can no longer live safely at home with families. We need to increase revenue for our preschool and school age programs to keep their doors open and ensure children continue to receive much needed services.

You Can Make a Difference Today

A quick phone call is the most effective way to be heard. Call Senator Skelos, Assembly Speaker Heastie and legislative leaders. Tell them that New York State must invest in services for people with developmental disabilities. 

Call the Senate at 518.455.2800 or quickly find your senator online. Call the Assembly at 518.455.4100, and visit the Assembly website to identify your Assembly member.

Please call right away. Here’s what you can say:

New York must invest an additional $30 million for people with developmental disabilities who live at home with families who are struggling to meet their needs.

New York must increase tuition for 4410 preschools by $37 million to save these essential services for 3-5 year olds with developmental disabilities. We also need an increase of $20 million for 853 school age services to ensure that these essential programs are available for 5-21 year olds with developmental disabilities who can’t be served by school districts due to the severity of their disabilities.

As a constituent you are very important to your elected officials. Please tell them what is important to you now.

Finally, take a moment to spread the word and forward this page to your friends, families and colleagues using the share link below. Thank you for supporting this effort to improve the lives of so many individuals across the state.