Academic Spotlight: NYU ASD Nest Support Project

This week we welcomed guests from NYU's Nest Support Project. The team shared with us information on the Nest Program, an NYC Department of Education inclusion initiative for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in community schools. The program integrates children with ASD in community schools and delivers specialized curricula to help ensure academic success.

In many ways, the program's philosophical foundation mirrors our preschool's holistic approach to therapeutic and educational services. The Nest Program's philosophy incorporates:

  • Inclusion: Children with ASD are not just placed in a classroom with typically developed children. They are seen as valuable classmates who have specific skills to contribute to the group.

  • Collaboration: Interdisciplinary teams of professionals work together to address children's needs.

  • Family Involvement: Services and resources for parents are seen as an essential to maximizing children's academic and social success.

  • Strength Focus: Intervention strategies for children are individualized with careful consideration for each child's abilities.

We're grateful to everyone at the Nest Support Program who shared their insights with our staff.