Welcome, JFTN Siblings

Sibling Day is Tuesday, November 3rd. We're excited to welcome our students' brothers and sisters, and we hope you have a lot of fun during your visit.

We’ll begin with a tour of your sibling’s school. We’ll show you all the fun things they do during their school day.

Then you’ll go with your sibling to get your picture taken together. We’ll frame the picture so you can take it home and remember your special day together. 

We'll serve pizza for lunch, and you'll get to meet with other kids your age who have siblings at JFTN. An adult will be there to talk with you about what’s fun about having a sibling — like playing games, going to the park and watching movies. You can also talk about what might be difficult about having a sibling. Maybe your sibling doesn’t know how to talk or maybe they cry and scream a lot, or maybe they sometimes try to hurt others. These are things you can talk about with us.

Before you go home, you’ll make an art project with your sibling and add it to our “Sibling Tree” in the hallway. Your sibling will get to see this each day when they are at school and remember that you came to visit them for Sibling Day.

We think you’ll have a lot of fun during your visit, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Sesame Street explores sibling relationships and autism.

Do you want to help your little brother or sister prepare for Sibling Day?

You can read our Sibling Day social story with them!