Sesame Street's Autism Resources

  Illustration: Marybeth Nelson/Sesame Workshop

Illustration: Marybeth Nelson/Sesame Workshop

Meet Julia

We’ve got a lot of Sesame Street fans at our preschool, so we were excited to see that a new character with autism named Julia has joined their cast of characters. Children and parents can read the interactive story that introduces Julia on Sesame's Street's new autism website.

The story shows how Julia behaves and processes information in ways that are different from other children, and it encourages children to respond to those differences in positive ways. 

Interactive Resources

The new website also includes lots of videos for children with autism. We recently shared their Sibling Story video on our blog to prepare brothers and sisters for our annual Sibling Day event. 

But the best part of the website might be the daily routine cards. These interactive cards help kids navigate common activities like brushing their teeth, crossing the street and going to bed.

 The new Sesame Street  autism website  features big buttons and simple navigation, making it easy for little fingers to find their way.

The new Sesame Street autism website features big buttons and simple navigation, making it easy for little fingers to find their way.

Visual cue cards like Sesame Street's daily routine cards can help children focus on concepts and recognize patterns. At JFTN, we use similar visual supports to help students identify and express their feelings using Conscious Discipline’s How Do You Feel? Chart. These visuals also play a key role in our Toolbox Program, developed by our Preventive Behavioral Specialist, Dr. Christie Sosnowski.

Breathe, Think, Do — And Learn

The Toolbox Program has a lot in common with Sesame Street's Breathe, Think, Do — an app that gives children tools to calm down when they're feeling stressed. The app reminds kids to practice a deep breathing technique and to focus on a plan when they’re feeling frustrated. Here's a preview:

We know that when children are frustrated or stressed, they're less able to learn. That makes a tool like Breathe, Think, Do a great way to encourage learning  — whether your child is at home or at school. You can download it for free on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad or on the Google Play Store for Android devices.