I Love You Rituals for Social Learning

Our social skills therapist, Katie London, is bringing “I Love You Rituals” to JFTN classrooms. "I Love You Rituals" are part of the Conscious Discipline program, which integrates classroom management with social-emotional learning. These short games strengthen relationships between caregivers and children. If you've played peek-a-boo, stop and go, or similar games at home, you're already practicing "I Love You Rituals". 

Katie London , LMSW

Katie takes these interactions a step further with Baby Doll Circle Time®. Children are given dolls and encouraged to practice their favorite "I Love You Ritual" with the doll. This mirroring exercise is a powerful reinforcer. The game may seem simple, but for developing minds rituals like these have a big impact on social learning and are a great way for children to relieve stress. 

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