Podcast Roundup: Time Out, Juicervose and More

We're always on the lookout for new information and good stories relating to mental health and education. With podcasts back in the news lately, we thought we’d share a few favorite episodes and series for parents with special needs. 

The first is a recent episode from This American Life called "Is This Working?". The topic is discipline strategies in schools, and the segment posted here focuses on the profound consequences of suspension in preschools. (JFTN does not suspend children and, as you'll hear in the episode, new research shows just how important it is to find alternatives to suspension).

Next up is "Juicervose" from Radiolab. The episode tells the story of the Suskind family's struggle with their son's autism diagnosis and how they used his love of Disney as a communication tool.


Finally, a couple of podcasts JFTN and League School parents might appreciate: Autism Parenting Magazine and Autism Spectrum Radio

If podcasting is new to you and you're not quite sure how to get started, check out Ira and Mary's charming "how to" video below.