Positive Outcomes in Early Childhood Development and Healthy Beginnings

Positive Outcomes

The Head Start Child Development and Early Learning Framework is the most recent revision to the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework. The Framework acknowledges dramatic changes in early childhood research since its original release in 2000. The revised Framework is a response to recent research in early childhood development, the nationwide adoption of early learning standards and new reporting systems within the Department of Education. While this framework does not guide assessments at JFTN preschool, it does offer valuable insight into current understanding of early childhood development.

Central to the Framework are 11 domains, each of which are subdivided into elements and examples. These 11 domains represent the main areas of early childhood development that are essential for success in school:

  • Physical Development & Health
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Approaches to Learning
  • Language Development
  • Literacy Knowledge & Skills
  • Mathematics Knowledge & Skills
  • Science Knowledge & Skills
  • Creative Arts Expression
  • Logic & Reasoning
  • Social Studies Knowledge & Skills
  • English Language Development (This domain applies to dual language learners only)

Parents may download and review the full document here


Head Start Framework Chart

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Healthy Beginnings

Another valuable resource for caregivers is found through John Hopkins School of Education's website — Healthy Beginnings. Among the tools offered on the site is an activity planner, which lets parents explore age appropriate activities with their children to encourage self-awareness, language development, and independence. 

The site also includes a document detailing stages of childhood development for specific areas such as social, physical, and cognitive development. 

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