Help us grow an urban farm at League School

We're partnering with Smile Farms to create an urban farm at League School. The project will provide supported work opportunities for people with developmental and emotional disabilities. 

Smile Farms is a nonprofit organization that provides adults with developmental disabilities meaningful work opportunities. Smile Farms makes rewarding, agricultural work accessible to these individuals by bringing farming opportunities to the communities where they live. 


Urban farming at League School

Our urban farm will support aspiring adults and teenagers with developmental disabilities.

Our new urban farm will include a range of features — a hoop house, raised beds, an irrigation system and more. The site will provide employment and volunteer opportunities for individuals in our adult programs as well as League School students.

Our prevocational program teaches adults with behavioral and learning disabilities practical job skills for real world employment. Employment gives an enormous boost to our clients’ sense of pride and personal growth.
— Mark Handelman, LETC CEO

Smile Farms has generously pledged to cover 50% of the cost for our new urban farm.

We've raised over $7,500 to date. Will you help us reach our goal of $10,000?

The Department of Education Visits JFTN

The Department of Education Visits JFTN

The NYC Department of Education regularly reviews 4410 preschools like JFTN. The DOE’s audits ensure that schools are providing the education and services that students need. 

We recently had our annual audit, and it gave us a chance to reflect on the positive changes at our preschool. The visit helped us see our school with fresh eyes, and we'd like to share some highlights with you.

Google Brings Holiday Cheer to League Adult Programs

Google Brings Holiday Cheer to League Adult Programs

Earlier this month a team of about 30 people from Google visited our adult programs in Fort Greene. Many of the guests traveled to see us from out of state. Jessica Fennimore and the rest of the Google team visited with the individuals who attend the adult programs and distributed gifts to all. The individuals were excited to host with snacks, as well as show off their holiday decorations, and even gave a special preview of the upcoming talent show, which was enthusiastically received! We all enjoyed and appreciated the visit very much, and we look forward to seeing them again.